4 Tips for Listing the Uber Unique Home - Article in “Seattle Real Producers” Magazine


I have been very blessed to have had some beautiful listings in my career and some of my all-time highest price-point listings have been either completely custom homes or nearly custom homes. Without a doubt, the most difficult listings to price are custom homes, especially if they are architecturally interesting, unique or specific in taste, and are waterfront. It’s an exciting moment when you know you have an opportunity to list a custom home and then it’s the pang of terror when you realize that it’s completely unique property and there aren’t any comps for it.

Unlike spec homes, custom homes are completely architected and built for the unique lifestyle, family make-up and tastes of the owner. When a person is finally at the point in their life where they’re building their custom home, they want exactly what will make them happy and will reflect their lifestyle dreams. The challenge is that every person has their own unique taste and so reselling one person’s dreams to someone else, doesn’t directly translate. So, now you’re on a listing appointment at this extremely unique property, where do you start?


My favorite part of learning about the home is learning about the went through in bringing it all together. How they acquired the land, special details about the property, their experience with their architect and builder and understanding their involvement with the project are also important details.


Get to know the details of the home. In my experience, the homeowners know pretty precisely what kind of materials are throughout. Take notes! You don’t want to ask twice. If the property is waterfront, be sure you know the data: the frontage, details about the dock (if any), the condition of the bulkhead, issues with erosion, etc. Learn about the landscaping. Ask about the systems, the heating, cooling, mechanical and electronic elements.


While you’re gathering that information, be learning about the seller(s) home, and be soaking in your seller’s attitude about their home and their level of desire to move onto their next stop in their real estate journey. From experience, I have worked with waterfront custom home clients who loved their homes so much that I was absolutely petrified to suggest staging and/or alterations. But guess what? No one is going to benefit if you don’t can’t bring your client’s home to market in its best light, giving it the highest probability of selling. Bring your “Top Producer” experience to the table and make those tough suggestions.


It’s our job to find the buyers who the seller’s home might directly appeal to, help capture and highlight the more broadly re-sellable elements, and create a vision of what could be for buyers with some modifications. Put on your thinking cap and get creative. If you’re stumped on pricing, reach out to brokers who have sold as similar of properties as you can find and another resource is Alan Pope & Associates our of Redmond for an appraisal.

Britt Wibmer