Opportunity Knocks | 4 Ways to Maximize Sales This Fall - Article in “Seattle Real Producers” Magazine


We’re a little over halfway through the real estate year, rounding the corner into fall. For the first time in years we’re seeing an uptick in inventory, missed offer review deadlines and price reductions. If you’re like me and you’ve cringed at the idea of working with buyers for the simple fact that you would likely be conducting pre-inspection upon pre-inspection, writing 10 unsuccessful offers, counseling disappointed and disillusioned hopeful homeowners and, quite frankly, working for free for months on end, this shift is getting me to change my tune. The numbers don’t lie. There is a wave of new inventory, and this movement in the market might be a great time to get back on your buyers' game.

If swapping out your listing agent hat for a buyer's agent hat is something you’re thinking about – or if you’re already working with buyers and want to actually get something into escrow – here are my top tips for maximizing this incredible opportunity to end the year strong with buyers!

1. Hosting opens with renewed intention: Opens for the last few years have been a turnstile of crowds clamoring for a chance at your listing. With my laser focus being on maximizing the number of offers garnered and my sellers' net proceeds at my opens – and with very little upside with working with buyers – I’ve shied away from name and contact collection. It’s time to turn that train around! Now that the crowds have thinned, you’ll have that extra time to engage with hopeful buyers, understand how they see this real estate climate and potentially pick them up as clients.

2. Pump up your market knowledge: Study the stats! Nothing is easier to talk to would-be buyer clients than what’s happening in the market right now. Put one stat to memory that will help in explaining the current market and have a corresponding graph on your phone ready to text to them.

3. Tour: You’ve got what the Redfin app doesn’t – feet on the ground market knowledge. Having been in homes that buyers have only seen online will set you apart and establish your credibility. It goes without saying, pro: tour all of the comps surrounding your open so if the home you’re hosting isn’t the one, you can talk up an alternative property that you have first hand knowledge of.

4. Getting your mind in database brain-storm mode: I started “Britt’s Picks” because when I first started in the business, I was finding good “deals,” but I didn’t have buyers to sell them to. You’re a Real Producer so you do have a winning database. Start combing for “deals” and opportunities and get creative with your past clients! Get those conversations started about the “deals” you’re seeing and you’ll be on to a lucrative fall buying season.

Britt Wibmer