The Devil's in the Details - Article in “Seattle Real Producers” Magazine


I am a firm believer that you just need that one break to get your foot in the door in the luxury real estate market. Imagine you’ve just gotten that break and landed your first luxury listing. Now, the pressure is on and it’s GO TIME! Not only do you need to exceed your client’s expectations, you need to create an excellent experience for the brokers who will ultimately be selling your listing. I’ll never forget my nerves when I had my first luxury listing and, although I’m always aiming for perfection, there are some nuances that I would never have known about because they weren’t yet in my skillset. Many years later, after touring hundreds of multi-million dollar homes and carefully studying the art of selling luxury real estate, please allow me to share my insider tips to getting it right with your luxury listing!

1. Exceptional Professional Photography

You would think this is a given, but not every professional photographer has equal skill, and the photographers that you’ve used for your mid-range homes don’t necessarily have the experience to skillfully capture the grandeur, carefully procured finishes, and architectural details of your luxury listing. Your luxury client most likely looks at luxury real estate online and they know what great photography looks like, and your buyer pool is also exposed to top-notch photography. Trust me on this, the devil is in the details and it’s remarkable how the quality of professional photography images can vary.

2. Exceptional Video

If you’re going to do a video, hire a videographer similarly to your photographer. I’m not sure that I’m supposed to share or promote particular businesses, but locally, the most impressive videos are being produced by Reese Films They are quite remarkable! There may be other companies that do as great of work, but I am not aware of them. If you know of another company, email me, please!


3. Clean, Clean, Clean

I cannot stress this enough. I’m talking about dust, cobwebs, light switch-plates, door knobs, walls. If the home is occupied, as the listing agent, you are responsible for making that home picture perfect each time a prospective buyer comes through the door. Depending on your client’s natural cleanliness quotient, make your listing by appointment only and allow for 24-48 hours notice so that a house cleaner can come in and make the home perfect. If the home is vacant, I would recommend a routine house cleaning/dusting schedule none-the-less. A spotless home feels inviting and even the toughest buyers, will focus on the home rather than on the smudgy countertops or the pine needles that have made it through the front door after some days on market.

4. Spotless/ Organized Garage

Again, the devil is in the details. If the home is vacant, don’t let your clients leave their last items in the garage for later removal. Unlike listing midpriced homes when you can sometimes get away with a more laissez-faire attitude, this is not the casewith luxury homes. If your clients are living in the home, I would strongly recommend making sure that their remaining garage contents are impeccably organized. This level of organization provides the impression of careful attention to details, and that the homeowner has taken good care of the property.

Britt Wibmer