Best of Bellevue | February 2019


Meet residents Julie and Ian Olsen!

I loved sitting down with Ian and getting to know more about one of the most vibrant couples I’ve met. Ian is definitely well suited in his career as a mortgage broker as he rattled off a laundry list of important dates such as Thursday, August 11, 1999 - the day he met Julie. Julie was a high school english teacher and a WAZU graduate and Ian, a UW alumni, had started his career in trading and investments.

In 2002 the couple traveled to Europe and on a Paris-bound train, Ian proposed. It’s no surprise if you know Ian and Julie that the entire train car got involved in the celebration and Champagne was enjoyed by all!

Julie and Ian moved to Bellevue from Queen Anne in 2002, and into their current home in West Bellevue in 2007. Like many of us, they moved to Bellevue for the schools which their sons Nick, 14, and Luke, 11 have been attending since kindergarten. Once their youngest went off to school, Julie and Ian took that leap of faith into entrepreneurship, created a separate unit on their property, and opened Julie Olsen’s Preschool which Julie has run and taught at since 2012. Julie’s passion for her students and school is evident when she talks about the labor of love that it is. 

One of the things that stands out to me about this couple is how involved they are in the community and with their kids. Over the years I have seen Ian playing basketball any morning of the week before school starts at Medina, coaching wrestling, chaperoning Medina’s Ski Bus, chairing the Dance-a-Thons and connecting with the other dads from school. Ian tells me what drives him is the enjoyment of his family’s happiness, “The more you look for the good in things, the easier they are to find.”