British Columbia-based condominium builder, Bosa just purchased its third piece of land near Downtown Park in Bellevue, and plans to build a 21-story condominium building. The company is the leading condominium-builder in the Puget Sound, and has taken advantage of Bellevue’s blossoming developments.  Bosa was responsible for Seattle’s Insignia building, and also plans to build a skyscraper on a city-owned block in downtown Seattle. In Bellevue, Bosa owns one other large property in North Bellevue, but they have not released any plans to build yet.

Bellevue is one of the hottest regions in the real estate market due to tech industries expanding from downtown Seattle. Facebook is building another building in the Spring District – just on the other side of the highway from the Central Business District. According to Kidder Matthews, a commercial real estate company, there are seven other office building projects planned for 2019.

As Seattle continues to grow, more and more developers will look to Bellevue for potential property locations. As tech companies grow, they will expand across the water as well, and people relocating to the area may look to Bellevue for housing.

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