Best of Bellevue | June 2019

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Meet the Arnold Family!

If you’ve been in West Bellevue for much time, you’ve likely run into the Arnold Family out and about. Fans of Carmine’s, Bis on Main and the Seahawks (season ticket holders), the next time you catch a glimpse of Slovakian Maja’s striking blonde curly hair, say, “Hi!” 

Matt is president of Workpointe, a commercial interiors company, and Maja is a jewelry designer, creating beautiful customized monogram necklaces that you’ve most likely seen around town. Lukas is a talented drummer, basketball player, hip hop dancer and flag football player. Ella keeps it simple with a love of basketball, singing and socializing. Residents of Bellevue for 19 years, Matt, Maja and their children, Lukas (11) and Ella (9), are putting family and connection first after some incredibly challenging circumstances.

After a whirlwind romance complete with a Vegas-bound in-flight proposal, Matt and Maja were married in 2000. In 2007, after 7 never-ending months on bedrest, they were blessed with twins babies, Lukas and Isabella. After two months in the NICU, the babies came home, however just two weeks later, Isabella passed away from SIDS. 

The couple did their best to pick up the pieces, however, they soon faced another potential tragedy: Lukas, at the age of three, was diagnosed with a stage three kidney tumor. 

Finally, light started to shine on the Arnold Family. Lukas beat cancer and Matt and Maja were blessed with another baby girl, Ella. These life challenges and loss are what inspired Maja to start her jewelry line to help people commemorate their loved ones and get past their pain. By opening up about her story, she has been able to help people connect and get to know each other because, “Everyone has their own story.”

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Maja Arnold, Jewelry Designer

Maja Arnold, Jewelry Designer