World Autism Awareness Day April 2nd, 2019

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Autism plays a very personal role in my life. When my youngest son, Gabe, was 2.5 years old he was diagnosed with autism. Since then I have worked to ensure no opportunity is out of reach for Gabe. I have been so fortunate to be able to provide Gabe with the best quality of care and education, which is something that isn't available to many families affected by autism. This is one of the many reasons I am so passionate about giving back to those facing autism through some of the many amazing organizations helping these individuals and families. One of my favorite organizations is Academy for Precision Learning which has allowed Gabe, along with many other bright young individuals, the opportunity to learn at their greatest capacity. This combines both my passion for providing quality education to all youth and allowing children with autism the opportunities to be who they are without being misunderstood. Another great organization that I am happy to support is Washington Autism Alliance and Advocacy (WAAA), an organization that thrives in fighting for the rights of individuals affected by autism to receive medical care without indebting their family. No parent should ever be faced with the decision of providing therapy and other services for their child or having enough money to pay the bills. WAAA works with insurance companies and state legislators to make sure this doesn't happen.


On March 9th I was honored to have the opportunity to speak about autism at the Academy for Precision Learning’s 12th Annual Gala. Watch my speech below.