Executive Relocation Services


Moving is high stakes and stressful.

Changing the dynamics of a family, everyday life, personal cost structures, etc. can be painful and protracted, or seamless and amazing.

Changing jobs, moving to a new house, city and company is a life-changing decision for the employee and their family. They are placing a bet that this massive transition is for the right company, right city and right house for them into the foreseeable future. Seventeen years of guiding executives through buying and selling real estate has shown me time and time again, that how and where a family lives are central components to happiness.

 The Journey

My joy is connecting with families during one of the most important and transformational decisions of their life. 

My role is to guide clients towards the right house, right cost structure, commute and community to make the transition to their new job a massive step forward for the family.

My goal is for every new employee I guide into their new homes to report that their relocation experience was a life-affirming and wonderful experience.

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