Consistently Awarded 5-Star Broker By Seattle Magazine

If you have the chance to work with Britt, seize it. She is outstanding in every way. She is truly one of the most competent professionals I have ever worked with in any context. She is savvy and focused and she listens. I have no reservation recommending her. As I have often said of her, having Britt on your team is like bringing a tank to a knife fight.
— BUYER | Former IRS Agent & Tax Consultant

Britt did a wonderful job from start to finish on our transaction. She was super responsive and knowledgeable and helped us navigate smoothly through the inevitable curveballs of listing and selling our home. Britt made preparing our home for listing painless and her network of resources was excellent. We loved her hustle. We highly recommend.
— Seller | Partner at DLA Piper

I have used Britt for both purchasing and selling multiple properties. Here industry knowledge and resourcefulness can’t be matched regardless of deal complexity. Britt’s energy, persistence and the amount of care and attention she provides her clients is what so clearly separates her from other agents. If you are looking for someone who knows the market and knows how to put you in the best possible position whether buying or selling, Britt is the agent for you.
— Buyer/Seller *2 | sr. technical sales executive at amazon web services

We hired Britt to sell and buy a property. She was able to get a seller to accept our contingent offer in this tight market. As it turned out, a full price offer came in after ours and we weren’t comfortable removing contingencies. Through it all, Britt was hands-on, action-oriented and professionally guided us through the process. She is strategic, engaging and extremely professional yet humble and personable. She listened to our needs/wants and devised a plan that supported your goals. Although this offer didn’t work out for us due to our decision, we are continuing to work with Britt to find the perfect opportunity. As her client, Britt’s expertise and experience are your gains: she’s very well connected and well-liked in this industry which is incredibly helpful in making your offer stand out. I highly recommend Britt to anyone that wants a smooth transaction and great buying/selling experience!
— Buyer/Seller | SAP senior consultant

Simply put, Britt is a superstar! She expertly balanced our wants/needs with our budget/constraints; and we couldn’t be happier with the end result: finding us a house that exactly checked the boxes we were looking for! Her knowledge and expertise throughout the entire process was obvious, and she easily helped us understand each step along the way, giving us reassurance that we choose wisely. It is clear she enjoys helping people with their home purchase, and she made it incredibly fun. Britt came highly recommended by close friends, and we would not hesitate to do the same!
— buyer

Britt was a flat-out amazing listing agent for my wife and me. She helped us to quickly sell our rental property by being extremely organized, proactive, and willing to roll up her own sleeves to get work done. In our case, the townhouse had some small rooms and Britt’s staging expertise really helped to highlight the features of the home and make it more clear to buyers how they could live in the space. Once the house was on the market, Britt was able to get a ton of traffic through the house in the opening weekend. We ended up receiving multiple, well-positioned offers and she helped us evaluate them and choose the right buyer. We were motivated sellers and she managed to find us an equally motivated and excited buyer. This meant that we were able to go from listing to closing within two weeks! I know this speaks a lot to the home and the market timing, but I fully believe that Britt’s staging, marketing, and the work she did behind the scenes during negotiations resulted in our expectations being exceeded. Britt was referred to us by a friend and we hope to have the opportunity to do the same in the future!
— seller | Program manager at microsoft

“We met Britt twelve years ago when we randomly rented a house from her. We moved out of that rental by buying a house with her eleven years ago, and this summer she helped us sell that house and buy a new one. We just bought a beautiful house under list and sold our old house for over list. All this in ~9 weeks. What more can you ask for? Britt's communication is a great match for us. We're busy at work making phone calls tricky--I think we took care of 99% of everything via email and text. She's also got a great style and eye for detail that we appreciate. When it came to selling our house, Britt helped us stay on track to move out, get the place cleaned, and on the market in five days. She was also great in helping us finding some painters and cleaners along the way. Again, all hugely helpful as we juggled our real jobs with the massive job that comes with buying/selling. Our friends were incredulous at how smoothly we both bought and sold. She's probably going to have to wait a bit for us to tire of our new home, but we'll definitely enlist Britt again when the time comes!”

— Buyer x2, Seller x2

In 2014 and 2015, we sold two properties and purchased one with Britt. She is a fantastic Agent who represented us well in all three transactions. (Amazingly, we are not investors or house flippers, just a normal family with a crazy 14 months of moving/buying/selling!!!!) We first met her in 2013 while she was hosting an open house and her personality, knowledge, and professionalism is what stuck in our mind. We were mildly looking at purchasing a home and selling a townhome and that’s how we came across her at this open house. When it came time to sell our home in West Seattle, my wife and I discussed who should be the listing Agent and we both agreed that we really liked how Britt represented her clients at the open house a year prior. As we expected, Britt brought her enthusiasm and her own personal sense of style to our listing and helped us navigate the sale. She even helped stage our place and made it look its best. From this initial sale, we instantly turned around and had Britt represent us as buyers in West Seattle later in 2014. She helped negotiate a tough buy for us on a home with six offers. We got the home and couldn’t have been happier. As fate would have it, we had to sell that home in 2015 and Britt came back and knocked it out of the park. She had a precise plan on how to market, list, and show our home. She again staged our home to make it look its best. After five days on market we received multiple offers and were thrilled even though we were also sad we had to sell our lovely home after one year. So, in summary, Britt has been wonderful to us through three transactions and we really enjoyed working with her and having her be our representative. Britt brings a level of class and professionalism that is not always the case with realtors and you can feel and see the difference when working with Britt.
— seller x2, buyer

Britt is an incredibly energetic and knowledgeable agent and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Seattle area. Her knowledge of the market and best real estate practices were invaluable to us and we enjoyed working with her every step of the way.
— seller

Britt was very welcoming from the first time I met her. She really makes the process of looking for a home easy. She acts immediately when you tell her what you’re looking for and works around your schedule. I really appreciated her experience and knowledge of the home buying process.
— buyer

We asked Britt to help us with the sale of our home. We were extremely impressed with Britt’s approach, her negotiation skills and her ability to market our home to attract top dollar. Her staging company was an absolute plus with our decision to reach out to her. Our home sold quickly and we are thankful we had the opportunity to work with Britt. Next time, we will go with Britt!
— seller

We used Britt to both stage and sell our last home. The staging was superb and helped to expedite the sale of our home along with her expertise in both the pricing and the showing of our home. I would use Britt if we were to sell our current home and would encourage any friend or family member to use her when considering buying or selling a home. Britt is by far the best real estate agent I have been fortunate enough to do business with. She is truly skilled and a definite asset.
— seller

Britt was very knowledgeable about the market, and specifically in my case, the West Seattle market. She provided an in depth assessment of the West Seattle market in order for us to agree on a price to enter the market at. Britt also maintains her professional relationships with other brokers in order to garner the most possible attention to her listings BEFORE they hit the market. She was always very prompt for appointments or scheduled calls, and always very organized. She was very responsive to any emails or messages I left her. Her staging team also did an excellent job on furnishing the home, and they were very careful when delivering and removing the furniture. Britt sold the home in two days with multiple offers for over asking. This was extremely valuable as I build spec homes and need for my projects to move quickly. Britt was with us every step of the way and even though an extension was required due to some sewer repairs that were needed, she still closed to deal only a few days later than the contract date. This was an excellent example of her ability to perform in situations that require her to negotiate between buyer and seller through the buyer’s agent to positively affect the outcome. I highly recommend Britt as an agent and I also highly recommend her staging team.
— seller
Britt combined her superior knowledge of the real estate market with her interior design and staging skills to list and sell our home for above asking price! We had an older home that needed some attention. She quickly evaluated and recommended some repairs that would place the home in a positive light. In addition, she had our home staged and photographed as a complimentary service. She kept a close eye on comparable properties and recommended an effective price listing strategy. She held my hand throughout the entire unnerving process! A true professional with attention to detail and focus on client attention, Britt has my highest recommendation and undying gratitude!
— Seller | vice president, general counsel & corporate secretary at ACG biologics

Britt is the most amazingly talented and experienced Professional Realtor you could have the great fortune of working with. She gave attention to every detail and addressed all of our concerns exceptionally well. We know she is worth her weight in gold and most highly recommend her.
— seller

Britt has helped me and my family buy 4 homes and sell 1 in the past 8 years. When it comes to buying and selling in a competitive market, you want someone totally on the ball like Britt to make things happen and fast! She’s always thinking ahead of the game and always has her client’s best interests in mind. She sold my home in less than a week with multiple offers and it ended up selling for over asking price— during a time when we were unsure of the current selling market. She’s honest and straight up with you, so that you can make informed decisions that are best for you. I highly recommend her.
— buyer x4, seller | Senior Designer & Brand Manager at Chihuly Workshop

We had a specific need for a fast sale, and during the week of Christmas holiday, no less. One phone call to Britt was all it took; she took care of everything quickly and efficiently, and it was painless for us. We got the offer we wanted and everything closed exactly when we needed it to. If you need someone who can execute on a timeline, then Britt’s the one to work with!
— seller | Sr. Manager, Legal Operations at t-mobile

Britt has been our families real estate agent for a decade. In that time, we have bought and sold 5 properties and I have referred her to more than half a dozen of my close friends or family who have purchased or sold homes with her help. She is truly in a class of her own. She is extremely professional and savvy about what is going on in the market. She has represented us in some really complex and messy situations through the purchase and sale process and handled them with incredible confidence, always making me feel like I am in the most capable hands. I sincerely cannot recommend her highly enough and I would not dream of using another agent.
— Buyer x3, seller x2 | Land developer, tech industry

In writing this recommendation, I have known Britt Wibmer for over 20 years and have bought and sold two homes with her. Britt is the ultimate professional, she has a fine eye for showcasing your home and property. Britt understands market trends, stability and opportunity to buy and sell in both warm and hot markets, where to price your home with a keen eye to stage and present in the best possible light. I wholeheartedly recommend Britt to anyone who wants to get top dollar for their home and work with someone they can trust.! We just recently moved to Austin Texas, Britt listed our home in Hunts Point, sold in 4 days and we were very pleased with the results. I would highly recommend Britt to anyone buying or selling a home in WA, she is bright, motivated, delightful and a marketing genius – you will not be disappointed.
— Seller *2

I have used Britt for both purchasing and selling multiple properties. Here industry knowledge and resourcefulness can’t be matched regardless of deal complexity. Britt’s energy, persistence and the amount of care and attention she provides her clients is what so clearly separates her from other agents. If you are looking for someone who knows the market and knows how to put you in the best possible position whether buying or selling, Britt is the agent for you.
— seller x2, buyer

If you are looking for an agent who will always be there to answer your questions, get you the best deals, make you feel like you’ve been friends for years, and have the most compassion while doing it, then I wouldn’t look any further than Britt! I honestly can’t say enough great things about Britt! I have to begin this review with our latest interaction because it blew me away. I moved into my new home a month ago and my house has individual electric heaters in each room. Last week, I realized two were blowing cold air and after my boyfriend took them apart, he told me we’d probably have to spend $300+ to replace them. I should mention that we bought a completely renovated house and these were brand new heaters. I was pretty frustrated and before freaking out, I decided to reach out to Britt to see if the seller could tell me if the heaters had a warranty or if I could get the electricians number. Ten minutes later, Britt had already spoken to the seller’s agent, had him call the electrician, and set up an appointment for the next day! The electricians showed up before their scheduled time (when does that happen?!?) and installed upgraded heaters free of charge. WOAH. Britt had no obligation to do any of that. Even after the sale, Britt fights for what’s best for her clients. She is definitely a diamond in the rough of not just the Real Estate world, but humans as a whole. Now, to explain how incredible Britt was throughout the house hunting and buying process. After deciding that I did not want to pay exorbitant Seattle rent prices, I began to search for a house. As someone who often has the “I can do it on my own” mindset, I really thought I didn’t need a real estate agent...I was so wrong and so incredibly lucky that I got Britt as mine. My boyfriend had worked with her in the past and he suggested that I reach out to her. From the moment we spoke, Britt went above and beyond to make me feel like I was her number one priority. She immediately gave me the rundown of the buying process and put me in contact with a fantastic and equally customer service oriented mortgage broker. I spent the fall looking for houses with Britt. We saw some really horrific ones and some pretty okay ones. She was always very respectful of my opinion while being able to shed light on the pros and cons of each house that I might not notice as a first time homebuyer. When we finally found my dream home, Britt made sure I got the best deal possible. She helped me negotiate a fair price and walked me through every paper I had to sign. She pretty much did everything for me and made the entire process feel natural. When we closed on the house, I felt like Britt was as excited as I was about it and she surprised me with a really nice housewarming gift. Britt continues to check in with me to make sure everything is going well—something she is totally not required to do, but does because she cares. If you are in search of a new home, do yourself a favor and call Britt. I guarantee your experience will be as wonderful as mine.
— Buyer

I met Britt through a mutual friend and liked her immediately. When she told me she was in Real Estate, I knew when it came time to sell my condo, she was the person I was going to call. When my tenants needed to break their lease and move out early, which happened to be the middle of November, I called Britt! I was concerned about selling during the holidays, but with complete confidence she told me not to worry- that we could have my condo staged, photographed and listed within a week! Her staging was impeccable (no charge to me) and we had a solid offer within a few days-$20,000 over asking thanks to her savvy negotiating skills! She was calm and reassuring throughout the process always keeping me in the loop. I would recommend Britt to anyone buying or selling a home. I will definitely be using her for my future transactions!
— sellers

Finding good properties in this highly competitive market is very difficult, but Britt has done an excellent job doing that for me. Timing and good communication are crucial, and Britt excels on both fronts. I really appreciate her strong work ethic and professionalism. Thank you Britt.
— buyer, seller

Despite this being my first purchase and the myriad questions I had, Britt knew the answers, was patient, professional, and communicated expertly with me and the seller. I look forward to working with her again.
— buyer

Amazing Realtor to work with in the area. She knows the market well and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her! She is a master in her field. (:
— seller

We worked with Britt to buy our first home seven years ago and I have just begun working with her again as we think about another move. She is kind and easy to work with and smart about the process. What helped me most was her ability to point out the potential pitfalls and strong suits of each house. She saw potential that I didn’t always see. That was very helpful. I highly recommend working with Britt.
— buyer, seller